Every day the number of people that recognize the tags “Cabin Charter” and “Traditional Wooden Gulets” is growing. These tags used to be a dream for some in the past and Medsail Holidays made it reality for many. Be one of our “Blue Cruise” guests and join us, so that you too can live this experience with Medsail Holidays who made it well-known in all over the world. 


Cabin Charter is a great way to enjoy the beautiful wonders of the Greek Coast line and the Islands. You may choose to enjoy the cruise on your own, with friends or family and the number of cabins is up to you. You don’t have to get a large a group together to rent a private yacht for a yachting holiday. You have the opportunity to enjoy a “Blue Voyage” together with a group of sea-lovers from all around the globe. It is a wonderful way to meet new friends from all different countries and cultures. 







Blue cruise in Greece is a dream holiday for individuals, couples or friends who want to share the experience of a gulet with other people on board. We offer many itineraries for our clients who like to book a cabin for their gulet holidays in Greece. You must be having a lot of questions to be cleared before you book your desired itinerary. Above-given list is our itineraries for the great Greek islands for your dream gulet vacation. We are always dedicated to provide every valuable information that our clients need for their blue cruise vacation in Greece.

 TURKEY                     CROATIA                    GREECE

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