17.08.2024 / 24.08.2024

SEASON 2024 Cabin Type Per Person in Dbl Cabin Single Cabin Extra Bed 
A Standart Cabin  1500.-Euro Per Person  2400.-Euro Per Person  1450.-Euro Per Person
B Aft Master Cabin  1750.-Euro Per Person  2800.-Euro Per Person  -----------------


• 7 Breakfast, 6 Lunch, 6 Snacks, 6 Dinner

• Tea/Coffee during breakfast and snack times, drinking water during meals

• Crew service

• Diesel and gasoline expenses

• Clean bed linens and bath towels (beach towels are not provided)

• Use of yacht equipment (water toys, masks/snorkels, fishing gear, etc.)

• Yacht insurance (We recommend you obtain personal travel insurance)

• VAT (Value Added Tax)



• Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, which are available for purchase from the yacht bar.

• The final evening meal.

• Port Fee of 210€ per person must be paid during the reservation. (Greek and charter berth taxes, Transitlog procedures, necessary paperwork with the navigation authority, ship agency expenses, mooring fees, utilities, etc.)

• Wi-fi

• Entrance fees to archaeological sites, museum admissions, and optional land tours along the tour route.

• Airport transfers.

• Tip for the crew (we recommend at least 15% of the cruise fare you paid)

Port charges are 210 € per person for weekly tours for Greek Islands and should be paid cash up on arrival.

Type of Boat : A/C – Traditional Wooden Gulet / 

Deluxe Class Yachts


Guaranteed departure day: Saturdays

Just on 17 August and 24 August 2024!     

Duration of the Tour 7 Nights – 8 Days

Departure Days Saturdays 

Embarkation Bodrum Harbour

Embarkation Time By 15:30

Disembarkation Bodrum Harbour

Disembarkation Time: Before 10:30 a.m. after breakfast

Optional Excursions : Kos Asklepion Tour, Patmos Monastery and Cave of St. John, Turkish Bath.

Bodrum - Kos - Leros - Patmos - Lipsi - Kalymnos - Aquarium Bay - Bodrum 



We kick off our fantastic adventure in Bodrum. Boarding the boat at 16:30, we embark on the most enjoyable moments of our lives. After the necessary briefings, we'll have some time to explore the beauties of Bodrum. You'll even have the chance to take a leisurely walk towards the old town, admiring the rows of restaurants and cafes along Bodrum's narrow streets.


If all passengers arrive before 18:30, the boat will set sail immediately to the nearest cove and drop anchor for dinner. Otherwise, our vessel will remain anchored in Bodrum port for the night. Dinner will be served on board, but for guests arriving after 21:30, a convenient meal box (sandwich, fruit, etc.) will be prepared.


In case the boat stays in Bodrum port, you can enjoy the VIP massage service onboard or immerse yourself in Bodrum's famous Saturday night festivities.

Day 2: KOS


After breakfast, we set sail from Bodrum towards Kos Island. Following a brief introduction to the boat and the completion of customs procedures, we reach the port of Kos. This historical island offers the option to visit Asklepion, which has been home to mythological legends, or take a city tour. You can also explore the streets of the city, visit local markets, and savor delicious local cuisine.


As you enjoy the evening in Kos Port, you will immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of this unique island. This unforgettable experience is just the first step of your blue voyage that starts from Bodrum, and your journey will continue to more islands and the enchanting atmosphere of the Aegean.

Day 3: LEROS


At dawn, our blue voyage continues in the cool waters of the Aegean. After breakfast, our eyes turn towards the magnificent beauty of Leros. Here are the details of this unique day:


We set sail towards Xirokampos Cove, famous for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear sea. Here, a beautiful break for lunch and a refreshing swimming experience await you. As you find tranquility in the embrace of the sea, you savor the journey to Leros.


Next, we move on to explore the captivating landscapes of Leros. Leros, with its deep fjords, tranquil coves, and traditional villages, is a mesmerizing island. Depending on the weather conditions, we either visit Lakki Port or anchor in the eastern Agia Yacht Port. Platanos, the island's center, offers stunning beauty with its historic architecture and narrow streets filled with flower gardens. Climbing the 300 steps of Platanos, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view as you visit Leros Castle. Exploring the island on foot or by renting a bicycle is also possible. Your blue voyage that began in Bodrum continues to uncover the mysteries of this unique island and create unforgettable memories in the embrace of nature.



In the early hours, we set sail towards the famous Patmos Island, known for its tranquility and spiritual atmosphere. This magnificent island will enchant you with its natural beauty and spiritual ambiance.


We arrive at Patmos Island in the early hours and take a break in one of its beautiful coves. While cooling off in the crystal-clear waters, you can savor the natural beauty of this island. After breakfast, you can take a stroll to the island's most significant features - its monasteries. Patmos is also known as the Island of Saint John and is home to spiritually significant places like the Monastery of Saint John and the Cave of the Apocalypse. Visiting these sacred sites allows you to have a spiritual experience and gain a deeper understanding of the island's history. The evening concludes with another enchanting night spent on this magical island. Patmos Island offers you peace, spirituality, and the tranquility of nature as a spiritual break during your blue voyage. The memories created on this unique island provide an unforgettable and rejuvenating experience for your soul.

Day 5: LIPSI


Our blue voyage continues towards the tranquility and nature's gift, Lipsi Island. This special island will enchant you with its beauty and serene atmosphere.


Upon reaching Lipsi, we take a break on one of the small islands surrounding this paradise island. Here, you can savor the crystal-clear sea and experience a refreshing swimming adventure. Lipsi is home to many beaches with crystal-blue waters like Platis Giolis. These beaches attract those who want to explore the island's natural beauty.


The city center includes a beautiful square with white houses, cafes, taverns, and restaurants. Here, you can taste the fresh flavors of the Aegean and interact with the locals. You can also explore the island's rich history by visiting historical sites like the Catopanaghia Church dating back to the 7th century and the Panopanaghia Church from the 15th century. Lipsi is known as the pearl of peace and nature, and the memories you create on this special island will offer you an experience filled with serenity and beauty. At this peaceful point of our blue voyage, you are invited to internalize the unique atmosphere of Lipsi Island.



As we head towards Kalymnos Island, we take a refreshing swimming break in a perfect bay to savor the beauty and coolness. Finding peace in the embrace of the sea, the serenity of this beautiful island will envelop you. Here are the details of this special moment:


In the afternoon, we enter Pothia Port, the central harbor of the island. This charming harbor town has a tradition of sponge diving that has provided a livelihood for the islanders for many years. Kalimnos is famous for its beautiful beaches like Massouri, Mirties, and Vlyhadia. These beaches offer a perfect option for those who want to enjoy the calm sea and the sun. Additionally, you can embark on an impressive nature walk to explore the island's unique landscapes and natural beauty.


Kalimnos is also renowned for its underwater world. The rhythm of the waves provides excellent conditions for diving enthusiasts. By exploring the island's underwater caves and marine life, you can experience an unforgettable underwater adventure. In the later hours of the evening, you will have the opportunity to spend the night on this magical island. Kalimnos is the perfect destination for those who want to discover the magic of the sun and the underwater world. The memories you create on this island, filled with such beauty, will be one of the most special moments of your blue voyage.



We are about to step into the final destination of this unforgettable blue voyage. After completing the customs procedures, we set sail back to Bodrum, Turkey. However, we offer an opportunity to make the last moments of this magnificent journey special by creating unforgettable memories.


The final swimming break of our journey will take place in Aquarium Bay, a magical gift of nature. As you swim in the crystal-clear waters of this magnificent bay, colorful fish will accompany you. You can once again feel the tranquility of nature and the coolness of the sea.


Dinner and the last night will be held at Bodrum Port. Here, as you spend the final moments of the blue voyage, you have the option to enjoy our special VIP massage service. There won't be dinner service on the boat, so you can seize the opportunity to explore the flavors of Bodrum. This special evening provides a chance to bid farewell to the quiet beauty of the Aegean Sea and reminisce about the magnificent memories of your journey. As you return to Bodrum Port, you will feel that your blue voyage has found a special place in your memory.



After breakfast, you can disembark from the boat until 10:00.


If all passengers embark before 18:30, the boat sets sail and anchors at the nearest bay for dinner and overnight stay. Please consider other passengers when you book your flight.

The air conditioning is centrally controlled and can be used for up to 8 hours per day, with the timing determined by the captain.

The use of air conditioning during port accommodations is strictly prohibited by the port authority.

Children under the age of 10 are not allowed in our cabin charter tours.

Our boats have Wi-fi available, and it is surcharge (reception just in Turkish waters)

Each cabin is equipped with a WC/shower and Air Condition.

Bringing food and beverages from outside is not allowed.

The boats seen in the photos are example boats, boats with ranging from 23 to 26 meters, with 6-9 cabins are used. North Dodecanese tour is with Luxury Yacht.

As Medsail  Holidays, we reserve the right to make necessary changes to the boat or route based on sea, maritime traffic, and weather conditions to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.



No shoes are allowed on board.
No smoking allowed in cabins.
Caution! Decks can be slippery when wet.
Rotating propeller can cause serious injury or death. Please do not swim when engine is operating.
No jumping, no diving! You may strike submerged objects and be seriously injured or even killed.
Life jackets are under the bed or in the closets.
There is limited water on board, to save water, please ensure you turn off the tap properly after use.
Please do not take long showers, like at home, quick showers are preferred.
Please report any water leaks.
Please do not throw artificial objects to the toilette. Use the trash can for these, even for toilette paper.
Please flush the toilette after use.
Switch off the light when leaving the cabin.
Food or beverages from outside are not allowed on board.
No pets allowed on board.
Optional land excursions and bar payments are accepted in cash. Credit/debit cards are not accepted onboard.




The reservation is confirmed with a 50% pre-payment, and the remaining amount must be completed up to 60 days before the tour date. Otherwise, the reservation will be canceled following the cancellation terms.



Cancellations 90 days or before the departure, 10% of the first payment is not refunded.

Between 89 and 60 days before the departure, 30% of the total tour amount is not refunded.

Between 59 and 30 days before the departure, 50% of the total tour amount is not refunded.

Between 29 and 15 days before the departure, 75% of the total tour amount is not refunded.

Cancellations between 14 and 0 days before the departure, the total tour amount will not be refunded.



Prices above are in EURO and are for per person in the mentioned cabin type.

Prices above are commission included.

Single Supplement is 60%.

No child discount is available in any itinerary.


*IMPORTANT NOTE: The A/C can be in use up to 8 hours daily, the use of the A/C in harbours is strictly forbidden. 


Depending on sea and weather conditions, Medsail Holidays AB reserves the right to make necessary changes to the tour itinerary to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.

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