What is included in charter fees?

Full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch and dinner, 5 tea-cake, biscuit service) is included in the price. Some of our programs are implemented as half board. Food service content is specified in the details of each of our programs.

Drinking water (during meals), fuel, utility water, personnel service, yacht insurance.

Taxes in Turkish and Greek waters, landing fees, mooring fees, port and shipping agency fees, transitlog expenses are collected separately under the name of "Port Charge" when boarding the boat.


What is not included in charter fees?

Soft drinks, bottled water and alcoholic beverages; these can be bought from the bar on board. Land excursions and airport transfers. Taxes in Turkish and Greek waters, landing fees, mooring fees, port and shipping agency fees, transitlog expenses are collected separately under the name of "Port Charge" when boarding the boat.


Can I visit some Greek Islands?

You can choose one of our programs comprising the Greek Islands.


Is smoking permitted on boat?

Smoking is not permitted inside the yachts for safety reasons and for the comfort of future charter guests. If you are a heavy smoker you can smoke on the deck.


Can I plan my own itinerary?

It is possible for Private Yacht Rentals but not for Cabin Charter tours. Cabin tours are made according to pre-scheduled programmes..


What should I bring with me?

At least two swimming suits. High protection sun lotion, sun protection cap, protection lipstick, the attire should be according to warm (night) – hot (day time) temperatures, camera or/and handy-cam, beach towels and personal towels. A memory book to note your happy moments. No shoes are allowed on board, just bring your sneakers or walking shoes for land cruising.


Can I bring my pet on board?

Yachts do not permit guests to bring pets on board for several reasons. Crew is required to maintain rigid cleanliness standards for all their guests and there is a potential of allergens from animal remaining on board. Animals are typically not accustomed to the strict confinement of a ship and an active cruising can be quite uncomfortable for pets. Just like humans, animals can also be sensitive to the effects of motion and may become disoriented or lethargic.


What will the weather be like?

April, May and October’s temperature range between 20 and 26 degrees centigrade and are much cooler then at the height of the season. Temperatures for June, July and August are hot, ranging from 30 to 38 degrees centigrade. It is not humid and unlikely to see rain at the height of summer.


How many crew are on the boat?

It depends on the yacht size. But normally 2 crew for 4 cabin yachts, 3 crew for 6-7 cabin yachts and 4-5 crew for more than 8 cabin yachts.


Can I arrange land excursions during the charter?

For the Private Yacht Rentals we can organize a special land tour for you. For Cabin Charters you can join our regular Dalyan-Caunos or Village tours.


Can I bring snorkeling equipment?

Certainly! It is actually advisable to bring your own snorkel. There are usually masks on board, however you can never be sure how many people have used the snorkel before you. Scuba diving equipment is not advisable unless you have booked a scuba holiday. There are areas in the Aegean and Mediterranean where scuba is prohibited.


How much do I tip the crew?

A crew gratuity is both customary and discretionary. 5% of the base charter fee is usually the norm depending totally on your discretion. It is usually given to the captain at the end of the charter and divided equally among the crew members.


Can you cater special diets?

In cabin tours, special meals can be cooked for our guests with special health conditions or vegetarian guests.


Will I experience seasickness?

The situation is hard to predict. In fact you may be the best judge based on previous experience. If you are worried about seasickness check with your local pharmacist for special medication before you leave home. If you are new to yacht chartering, let the crew know; they will make your trip as comfortable as possible by recomending routes in protected waters and keeping tabs on changing weather conditions.


Do I need to buy an insurance during the charter?

Your charter agreement will detail insurance provisions: the yacht remains insured by the owner during your charter, however we advise all charterers to consider cancellation and curtailment insurance. You may also consider Personal Accident or Medical Insurance plus Personal Effects Insurance, which is generally not included in the Charter Fee.


Can I take babies on board?

Yes, you can take babies on board only for the Private Yacht Rentals. But it is not allowed to take a baby or a child under 12 years old for the Cabin Charters.


Can I bring drinks on board?

But it is not allowed to bring your drinks to the boat for Cabin Charters. Drinks can be bought from the yacht’s bar.


Do you arrange transfer?

Yes, we can arrange all kinds of transfer depending on your request.


What is the charter time schedule?

All charters begin by 16.30 on the day of departure and typically end at 10:00 a.m. on the day of arrival. These timings between charters are necessary to ensure that yachts are always delivered to the next charter in perfect working order.


Can I bring my laptop on board and how can I charge my mobile phone?

As you know to charge the electronics you need 220 wolts. Therefore we don’t have 220 volts in every boat but we can help you if you inform us before.


What do I do on a charter?

You sunbathe, shop, surf, rest, jet-ski, eat, go to night clubs, fish, read, drink, dance, swim, sail, relax, visit ancient cities, sing sea chanties, interact with your significant other or take advantage of the opportunity to just “be alone”.