Medsail Holidays is an expert adventure travel / eco-tourism tour operator for unique and pleasant tours in Turkey.


We provide quality services for individuals, families and small groups to the "off the beaten track" areas of Turkey, as well as, the "popular, can't miss it" spots. We customize unique sightseeing, history, archaeology, flora, sailing, hiking, walking, diving, biking, trekking, culinary experiences, combining learning, relaxing and stretching your muscles a bit. Sailing along the Turquoise Coast, hiking between coves as the ancient people did, walking the most picturesque trails, admiring spectacular views, meeting and getting to know the real people of the country, staying in local homes, eating a great variety and quality of the world known Turkish cuisine, certified and specially trained professional guides, authentic and characteristic hotels, incredible flora of Turkey are the highlights of Medsail Holidays trips.


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Our Staff

We know that our service can only be as good as our staff. Efficient coordination and smooth operation are essential to ensure the pleasure and comfort of our guests. Our staff members are well known for their professionalism and good manners, as well as their ability to organize complex itineraries. Our trip leaders are both highly skilled and experienced outdoor people and intellectual university graduates with extensive training and excellent language skills. They can lead hikes to out-of-the-way locations, communicate with local people, lecture knowledgeably at classical sites, discuss all aspects of Turkish culture, history and politics, and arrange menus that showcase local specialties and suit the tastes of individual guests. Perhaps most important, they are also warm, dynamic people with good senses of humor.

Our support staff are equally well trained to fulfill the expectations of travelers. The crews of our gullets work quietly to stay on schedule and maintain spotless order while monitoring our guests' safety and comfort. The cooks on board amaze our guests with the miracles they create in their tiny galleys. The drivers who take us from place to place conform with western standards of speed and safety.


I studied Industrial Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. I have 29 years of experience in the adventure travel industry and I see myself as a member of happy minority because this is what I love to do with passion. I love to design new itineraries. I have participated in 3 bio-diversity programs and developed a passion for wildflower photograpy and I share my photos at www.floraofturkey.com. I like to hike, kayak, photography, food, cooking, history and politics.


I studied to be a tour operator at Istanbul University. I like to be known for my precision and hassle free planning to make everyone's vacation smooth and easy. I love nature. I have an olive grow and a walnut grove.

I like to hike, bike, cook, breed dogs and raise birds and chickens in my yard and I can read your fortune from a cup of Turkish coffee with great precision.


Özlem has graduated from Law school, completed a masters degree at Classical Archaeology and currently working on her PhD at Classical Archaeology.  She participated at the excavations of ancient Ionian site Klazomenai at her home town Urla.  

Her special interests include Classical Choirs (20 years of participation as an alto: Boonville MO. Methodist Church Choir, Miami Bach Choir, Izmir French Cultural Association Choir and Izmir Municipality choir,  hiking, gardening, cooking and sailing. Her vast experience,             educational background and charming personality makes her an exceptional guide.


I was born in Izmir, once called Symrna, this was the city of the famous ancient story teller Homeros. While studying psychology at the Middle Eastern Technical University, I became interested in tourism and decided to change my career. I completed the Aegean University's Tourism Department to become a tour guide and for almost twenty years now I have been telling stories as well. I like to camp with my family and to cycle. As much as I enjoy taking people to new places, I like to travel to new lands as well. Up to now I have been in 50 different countries. I have traveled to most of these destinations by my motorcycle. I have amassed countless memories and now I share them with my readers every month in a magazine for bikers. 

For me, the most enjoyable part of the tours I conduct is to see the amazement on the faces of my group members when introduced to the wealth of Anatolian cultures and to share memories over great Turkish food with our national drink raki.


I was born in 1966. I completed my Agriculture Engineering degree in Aegean University in Izmir and my economy masters in Istanbul Univercity, then moved to Bodrum. I ran 400 m in Turkish National Team. I am a licenced sailor/instructor, advanced scuba diver and a wine and food enthausiast. Books of Cevat Sakir Kabaagac (The Fisherman of Halicarnassus) is my inspiration to be a proffessional tour guide. I grew up admiring his way of describing the Anatolian Mythology, lives of fisherman and sponge hunters, the magic of Aegean and Mediterranean. He wrote many novels and stories which had a big influence on my generation, while he was on exile in Bodrum (Halicarnassus) in the 50s being an anti-war activist and later he became one of the first certified Turkish tour guides. I see my myself as an ambassador of Turkey and try to be accurate, update, efficient and a good host to my guests, so that when they are back home, they remember Turkey and me with a smile. I also guide Turkish people in other countries. I have been to I have to most countries in Asia.


I have a 4 years degree from Erciyes University as a Proffessional Tour Guide.  

I think the most important thing to make a trip special for a guest is to find something I have in common with them and find out their personal interests so I can inform them accordingly and engage on a higher level. I love to talk with my guests by reading their faces, this enables me to know if I am providing appropriate and interesting information for each individual. 

My favorite place is Cappadocia because everything is unique and exciting in there. I especially love hiking through the crazy valleys and showing my guests the hidden churches throughout the area. 

Being a freelance guide enables me to take a variety of tours throughout Cappadocia. It is great when I get to take groups to a local house for a cooking class and share my local cuisine. I also enjoy going to the small villages and showing the groups the way the ladies weave the carpets and make the dolls for younger children.


I have a degree at Dokuz Eylul University-Faculty of Education-English Department. 

It would not be wrong if I say that being a tourist guide was my childhood dream. I like being in contact with foreigners to tell them of my lovely country. I also like meeting new people and making friends with them. I follow Mustafa Kemal’s – founder of the Republic of Turkey– motto “Peace at Home, Peace in the World”. I believe that every one on earth must be good friends and make the world a nice place to live all together. 


Hülya had her degree in English Language and Literature in 1994 at Ankara University.  She started working as a licencened tour guide in 1997, which was a childhood dream. She lived on the Mediterranean Cost of Turkey for long years and this gave her a great chance to do many outdoor sports such as hiking, rafting, rock climbing, diving, biking and sailing. She loves nature and she counts it the esence of life. 

She received eco-tourim educational programs of Tubitak  in the Kackar Mountain, Cappadocia and Mediterranean part of Turkey. She is also speacialized in archeology, history, art-history and city sightseeing tours. She worked as an English teacher at various private schools and finally at Akdeniz University from 2003-2009. She is married and has twins, a boy and a girl. She is an amateur violin and guitar player. She has been living in İstanbul since 2009.


I found tour guiding programme of Ege University and all I wanted was to study archaeology, mythology, prehistory, and psychology. I was so excited about meeting different people and presenting our culture and history. My personal goal is to keep improving myself, improving my knowledge and skills. I am planning to do this job for a very long time and I want to do it the right way. I am always open to learning. This is also one of the reasons why I wanted to work as a guide. I like the approach to see the clients as our guests, treat them as our friends.