The cruise Small Cyclades from Mykonos island is baording every Saturdays on Mykonos sailing the most beautiful islands in Greece. This itinerary is only performed during the months of May, June and September till October. July and August the strong Meltemi prevents gulet sailing in the Cyclades; to sail the Greek islands.


Unique gulet cruise visiting Naxos island, Delos, Paros island and of couse the small Cyclades with stunning crystal clear waters. You will cruise on a very comfortable family gulet. Visiting in daytome bays and coves and having a chance in the evening for sightseeing the top Greek islands known all over the world.


Boarding for cruise Small Cyclades from Mykonos island

Boarding starts in the afternoon at the port of Mykonos. You can board anytime till late. Your gulet will stay on Mykonos the first night.

Disembarkation is Saturday morning after breakfast at the port of Mykonos.


The first service on board is breakfast. Last service on board is breakfast. If your flight does not coincide with times of  boarding you can store your luggage at our office (included) or book the hotel near the port (extra charge).

Exact location of the vessel and the contact at the port of Mykonos will be indicated on your voucher cruise.

The route of the cruise Small Cyclades from Mykonos island is indicative and subject to weather conditions.

Shared yacht - One week cruises,usually from Saturday evening to next Saturday morning

PRICE PER PERSON in double cabin (only 4,5 or 6 cabins per yacht with 3 crew) category depends of the cabin and the yacht. 

Low & Mid Season Category A Category SUPerior Category VIP
May & October 1750.-Euro 1870.-Euro 2260.-Euro
June & September 1870.-Euro  2040.-Euro 2630.-Euro

Category A : Triple AA & A 1 cabins in dbl occupation charged as SUP

Category SUPerior : Triple SUP cabins in dble occupation charged as VIP

Nole that from Mykonos ,you can take a fast transfer to Santorini the Saturday morning, arrival at Santorini at 11:30 AM

TO ADD : weekly boarding contribution for marina fees, crew's meals expenses, efectricity, water, half-board and open-bar: 350 Euro per aduft (170 euro for chiidren under 12, 250 euro from 12 to 18 ) and then nothing is charged on board. Children bed : 50% discount - 3rd person in triple cabin : 33% discount - Extra fee in case of single occupation : +60% - no corkage fees


All taxes and VAT are included  - Crew service is not included (to be given in the end of the cruise,base is 7% to 10% of cabin price)

Here are the itineraries and spots we visit during our cruises "One Week Cyclades" during the months of May, June, September and October.


These are the best months for navigation in the Cyclades, not too hot, not too many people ... and not too much wind!


Indeed, in July and August, in addition to crowded ports, the Meltemi (north wind) can blow quite hard in the Cyclades almost all the time.


Therefore during these two months our yachts are cruising in to two other magnificent archipelagos, Ionian and Sporades, for a quiet cruise from coves to ports.


For the Cyclades, we start from Mykonos, which has great connections (ferries or planes) or Syros (for our West Cyclades itinerary including Milos).


This greatly optimizes the route compared to a departure from Athens where the first and last day would be devoted mainly to ... join the Cyclades!

All our itineraries are indicative and can change considering weather, harbor possibilities or technical elements.

East an Small Cyclades from MYKONOS (can end with a transfer to SANTORINI):

With a departure from Mykonos this itinerary is more focused on small coves and islands with less time of navigation:


We sail on the first circle (Kyklos in Greek -> Kyklades) around the holy island of DELOS. Blue pellets on the map are the possible night stops, but of course during the day you will enjoy also nice coves. Captain will choose the itineray (with you in private cruise), listening to Eole and Poseidon.


Example of possible itinerary :  Mykonos - Delos - Naoussa (Paros) - Kato Koufonissi - Koufonissi  - Schinoussa - Piso Livadi (Paros) - Naxos - Rineia (next to Delos) - Mykonos


Why we offer the option to end to SANTORINI the Saturday at 11.55 AM by fast ferry from Mykonos, rather to include in our itinerary ?

Santorini has not harbor, means not possible to stay on the night, so we visited her during the day, in the same moment that all the cruise ships... 

The result was very, very over crowded moments for our guests and... deception. Better to go there and stay one evening and night, admiring a nice sunset after the cruise ships leave, and then take a plane or a fast ferry back to Athens or your country. And enjoy one relaxing cruise with us, without stress.


We offer also one other itinerary in the West Cyclades including Milos, starting from Syros. There is a ferry from Rafina (the closest harbour of Athens Airport) directly to Syros at 4:30 PM.

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Boarding your gulet at the port of Mykonos.



We will begin our sailing to the island of Delos. We will spend the day in spectacular bay of this virtually uninhabited island. Delos is an immense archaeological site that attracts tourists and archeology enthusiasts from all over the world.  In the late afternoon we will sail to Naxos island.



In the morning is ideal time for a short visit of the city of Naxos.  Our day will be dedicated to the sea and relax in the crystal clear waters. The lunch will be served on board. In the late afternoon we reach the small Cyclades islands.



Today we will cruise the beautiful Small Cyclades,  handful small islands with heavenly beaches and wilderness. The inhabited islands are four and they are: Koufonissi, Iraklia , Schinoussa and Donoussa, the others are large rocks that offer breathtaking scenaires admired from the boat.



In the morning we reach the island Anti Paros. Our day will be dedicated to the sea and relax, but also to explore the island . The main attraction of the island is Spileo cave full of stalactites and stalagmites discovered during the reign of Alexander the Great.



After breakfast we will reach the island of Paros and spend the day in one of the beautiful bays. In the late afternoon our destination will be  Naoussa town, the second most important town of the island. The excellent fish tavernas , the typical ” ouzeries ” and the colorful caiques moored over each other, make this place one of the most picturesque harbors of the Aegean.



Sun and sea in the isolated paradise Rinia, an uninhabited island between Paros and Naxos. Wii be on our last day of wonderful swims before returning to Mykonos for last evening on board.



Disembarkation after breakfast at the port of Mykonos.


This itinerary may need to CHANGE due to inclement weather conditions, difficulties at docking or unforeseen circumstances. This decision will be made solely at your captain’s discretion, based on the safety of the group and the ship.

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