SEASON 2024 DEPARTURE DATES Prices Per Week Incl. All Inclusive Food
A April 06th – June 14th /  August 31th – October 25th / October 25th – November 29th 1470.-Euro Per Person All Inclusive
B June 15th – August 30th 1650.-Euro Per Person All Inclusive

Single supplement fee +%60

Imagine a holiday full of colours in the unique sea of Göcek … In our yacht configuration everything considered for your comfort. On the day of your arrival we will ask you to contact us with your exact time of arrival at the marina. 


A member of our team will then be on hand at the marina to welcome you and provide your transportation to our boat. We will pick you up from the marina with a private boat and deliver you to our boat. This journey will take about 5 -10 minutes, during the journey you can enjoy the deep blue sea and the beautiful nature. When you arrive at our yacht, our other team members will welcome you and inform you about our yacht. You can find everything you need in our guest rooms. We are as excited as you are for this unique accommodation experience


Our yacht brings you together with the world-famous magnificent nature of Gocek. When you experience our yacht concept, you will find the comfort of your home as well as the deep blue sea, green and eye-catching nature and golden sun.


We create a unique accommodation experience for our guest . Our yacht bring you together with the world-famous magnificent nature of Gocek. When you experience our yacht concept, you will find the comfort of your home as well as the deep blue sea, green and eye-catching nature and golden sun.


Many sensations coexist in this beautiful, world-famous town. You can find nature , unique sea , lots of sun . In addition to all this, you can shop in the marina and take a gastronomic journey in the local restaurants on the private islands.

Languages spoken: German,English,Turkish


  • Type of Boat : Traditional Wooden Exclusive Gulet 
  • Beverages included (Still water, Coca Cola, Fanta, tea, Coffee)
  • Evening events
  • Turkish nights
  • Beach club visit (admission is free)
  • Water equipment (free)
  • WIFI (free)
  • Towels included.
  • Breathtaking island tour
  • Comfortable cabins
  • First-Class service
  • 3 Ladies on Board (1 cook, 2 servers)
  • 2023 renewal


  • 5 * Air-conditioned Gulet, shower and WC per cabin,
  • Hot and cold water is always available, hand and bath towels are provided in each cabin (for cabin use only).
  • Bath towels are available free of charge on deck, Wifi on board,
  • Representative on board who can be reached via telephone
  • Use of all activity equipment; snorkel set, Stand Up Paddle, backgammon, card games
  • All Inclusive Menu : breakfast, lunch, dinner and still water, mineral water, Coca Cola, Fanta, Tee, Coffee for a week


  • All Alcoholic Drinks
  • Optional land tours and entrance fees to historical places and museums.


Day 1 Gocek - Yassica Islands:

The Yassica Islands are a perfect paradise for swimming, snorkeling and relaxation.

Each of these untouched islands has secluded beaches that offer you a private haven of relaxation. Here you can relax your mind and experience various water sports by swimming for hours in crystal clear water and experiencing peace. Since some islands are very close to each other, you can swim from one to the other, allowing you to experience moments full of excitement and competition.

Not only a fun dinner but also a first overnight stay awaits us in this breathtaking spot of the Yassica Islands. So the next morning we can explore the place and soak up its beauty, then continue our trip.

Our next exciting stop is Tersane Island.

Day 2 Tersane Island:

In the Gulf of Fethiye, there is an island formerly called Pig Island, today known as Prince Island. The island used to be inhabited by wild boars, but now it sparkles with serene and enchanting beauty, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

The largest island of this painterly beautiful bay is Tersane. The island hosts a 100 meter deep channel used by the Ottoman Navy and gives its name to the island. There are secluded bays along the coast, and a painterly summer harbor lies to the east.

In this place, a wonderful Turkish night will be waiting for you with beautiful music and delicious Meze dishes. This is an experience that creates a magnificent atmosphere and ensures an unforgettable evening. After spending the night here, the next morning will 

                                                                                                                                                               continue the trip and take you to the next stop.

Day 3 Yavansu and Gübün Bay:

Right next to the charming Pig Bay is the impressive Gübün Bay.

The entrance to this bay is extremely narrow, further adding to the excitement and mystery of this place. The entire region is covered with olive and pine trees. Yavansu Bay is a popular place preferred by tourists who want to experience an unforgettable Gulet holiday. Here you will find fig trees and small streams flowing from the mountains.

This place offers a variety of natural beauties that offer you the opportunity to relax and recharge. The evening offers a great opportunity to relax before starting our journey towards the new exciting stop.

Day 3 Evening Adaia Bay:

Adaia Bay is a charming peninsula located in Hamam Bay in the Gulf of Göcek. It is surrounded by magnificent oak and centuries-old olive trees. With its natural beauty and location on the historical Lycian Way, it offers an ideal atmosphere for nature experiences, hiking and various sports activities. Here you can enjoy a beautiful sunset, try exotic cocktails and let the music put you in the right atmosphere.

To create the perfect atmosphere, our DJ will accompany you throughout the evening. In the midst of this magnificent environment, you can relax, dance, sing and fully enjoy the experience. After overnight stay, we will continue our journey towards the next adventure.

Day 4: Hamam Bay - Cleopatra Bath:

This large bay is famous for the ruins of Cleopatra's Baths. The ruins were probably destroyed by a previous earthquake in the area. According to legend, Marcus Antonius had a Roman bath built in this place as a wedding gift to Cleopatra and even had the golden sand transported here from Egypt. This location was chosen because of its thermal water bath coming from a crater lake behind a mountain in the north of the bay.

According to legends, the queen spent her honeymoon here immediately after marrying Marc Antony. Time seems to have stopped here and you can swim and cool off like Cleopatra did 2000 years ago before moving on to the next stop.

Day 4 Evening Sarsala Bay:

The next fascinating stop on your journey awaits: Sarsala Bay. This bay is extremely popular for its stunning beach facilities and a natural environment that makes it an ideal place to stay. A pier extends to a quaint restaurant in the bay, and the land around it offers a painterly view. A valley extending inland passes through a densely wooded forest.

After resting, having a delicious breakfast and spending the morning in this wonderful place, we will continue our journey towards the next exciting stops.

Day 5 Bedri Rahmi Bay:

This bay, known as Tasyaka, took its name from the famous painter Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, who visited it in 1974 and carved his famous fish-shaped artwork into a rock. You can reach the ancient Lycian king tombs, located on fertile slopes surrounded by pine trees, via steep paths that can be easily seen from the sea.

And Hornbill:

This painter's corner completely attracts us with its clear waters and breathtaking views, to enjoy this paradise full of pleasure. On one of these fascinating islands, there is a charming restaurant that fascinates with its local delicacies. You can experience the true harmony of nature while relaxing under the fragrant shadows of fruit trees. After staying in this beautiful bay, your unforgettable journey will continue towards Fethiye after breakfast.

Day 6 Rabbit Bay:

Tavşan Island is the closest island to Amasra and is not connected to the land. It contains historical ruins such as a church and a monastery from the Genoese period. It takes its name from the rabbits living on the island. There is a rock cave at the eastern end of Rabbit Island. It is said that this rock cave has an interesting story: In ancient times, people believed that people with various diseases would pass through the opening of this rock cave with boats and motor boats in the hope of recovery. Additionally, there is a 70 meter long cave on the north side of the island. After exploring this magnificent environment, our journey continues towards Sea Me Beach.

Day 7 FIMI Island:

Our final destination is FIMI Island. The Beach Club there offers an impressive atmosphere with its unique Boho style and instantly transports you to a different world. Its interesting decoration creates a special atmosphere and offers the perfect background for taking great photos and unforgettable experiences. We will spend the last night in this wonderful place and spend the day in complete comfort. You can spend the day at your own pace, discover the beauty of the island and enjoy the special atmosphere of the Beach Club. Take time to capture special moments, attractive photos or just in your memories. With all these wonderful memories and impressions, you will be ready to return home the next day. The last day and night on FIMI Island will be an unforgettable highlight of your trip.

Depending on sea and weather conditions, Medsail Holidays AB reserves the right to make necessary changes to the tour itinerary to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests



• Prices above are in EURO and are for one person in a double cabin.

• Single Supplement is 60%.

• No child discount is available in any itinerary.



• All Inclusive : Breakfast, lunch, dinner and still water, mineral water, Coca Cola, Fanta, Tee, Coffee for a week

• All charter and berth taxes.

• Harbour and Port procedures, related formalities for the shipping agents.

• Mooring expenses.

• Crew service.

• Ship water.

• Diesel & Gasoline expenses.

• Clean bed linen and bath towels on arrival .

• Use of equipment on board ( Flippers, Stand Up Paddle, snorkel set and fishing tackle etc. ).

• Yacht insurance (We advise you to take out your own individual travel insurance).

• V.A.T.



• Alcoholic beverages. These can be purchased from the bar on board.

• Optional land tours and entrance fees to historical places and museums.

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