The Cyclades, known for their iconic white and blue architecture, traditional lifestyle, folk music, and warm hospitality, are a must-visit island group in Greece. Among them, Mykonos stands out as the island of the winds.


Mykonos offers a mix of flashy cosmopolitanism, with celebrity visitors, famous clubs, and bars, and a tranquil and picturesque atmosphere with stone-paved alleys, windmills, and the classic Aegean aesthetic.


Accommodating up to 46 passengers in 16 cabins, for a weekly onboard party filled with music, good company, and drinks. All cabins are ensuite with comfortable amenities.


Our friendly crew will cater to your needs, and our Chef will prepare daily brunch. For cruise itineraries and more Mykonos cruise information, check our official Mykonos info pack.


The Mykonos cruise is perfect for those seeking an Aegean experience, coastal sightseeing, island hopping, and lively parties.


The gulet conducting and operating our Mykonos cruise, is M/S Artemis, which can accommodate up to 46 passengers in its 16 cabins, though, the itinerary can be carried out by all our vessels, depending on the actual availability.


All cabins are ensuite, including comfortable mattresses, reading lights, a hair dryer, a wardrobe, and an electric fan. 

Our friendly crew will attend to all your needs along the way, and of course, our Chef will happily prepare your daily brunch! 

For cruise, itinerary and further Mykonos cruise-related information, please check our officially updated Mykonos info pack ! 

The Mykonos cruise is the ideal option, for those who are seeking a blend of Aegean breeze, coastal sightseeing, Island hopping with plenty of partying, dancing and having fun!

SEASON 2024 DEPARTURE DATES Standard Cabin / Prices Incl.Breakfast
A 11,18,25 May /  01,08,15,22,29 June / 07,14,21,28 September / 05,12 October  750.-Euro per person
B 06,13,20,27 July / 03,10,17,24,31 August 850.-Euro per person

* Prices are per person, in a triple or quad cabin. Double and single cabins are subject to extra charges. Guests that are willing to share their cabins won’t be             charged additionally and same gender allocation is guaranteed. Single supplement +%50


Please note that the prices tend to increase from those listed above, as prices fluctuate, depending on the availability and the period.

Regarding our cabins, we do have a variety of doubles/twins (lower beds/bunk beds) and a few triples and quads, depending on your cruise package and demand.


We always try to allocate same-gender guests, together (this applies to our solo travelers),

however, we cannot guarantee this under unexpected situations.

* There is  an extra 80 € p.p. port tax that needs to be paid in cash upon arrival.


  • Traditional ensuite ship
  • 7-nights on board
  • Daily brunch
  • Daily OUZO shots
  • Onboard DJ party
  • Pub crawl
  • Toga party
  • Private beach & swim stops
  • Toiletries
  • Wi-Fi
  • (subject to limitation)

NOT Included

  • Flights and Hotels
  • Travel Insurance
  • Onboard dinners
  • Transportation, pre/post your cruise
  • Excursions/Activities



The only additional charge you need to expect is the local port fees (80€ per person), which need to be paid upon arrival, in order to assure some basic operational needs for the cruise.


Solo traveler

If you are traveling solo, we will always try to allocate you to a cabin, with your same gender.

If you want to have your own private cabin, there will be an extra charge of 50% of the total amount of 1 person’s price.


The above-stated prices are subject to change without any notice.

Keep in mind, that as the departure date of the sailing tour comes closer, the prices might increase, so it is wise to book in advance and secure the cheapest price possible!

Once you have paid your 50% deposit, the remaining price of your option stays as it is!


In case of any price increase/decrease, you will be informed in time, accordingly.


Prices fluctuate regularly, in line with the demand.

Our Price Promise ensures clients, who book early, that they will never have to pay more, than those who book quite after them.



The Mykonos cruise itinerary is subject to change, depending on the given weather conditions,


due to different difficulties at docking or further unforeseen circumstances.

This decision will be completely up to the captain’s judgment, based on the traveling group’s safety and the safety of the vessel itself.


Thus please note, that for unexpected circumstances  (unforeseen weather conditions, regional restrictions etc.),


the Captain may execute our Harmony Cruise itinerary instead.

Travel insurance is highly recommended before departing for a sailing trip, in Greece.


When arranging your transportation, such as your flights and/or your local ground transfers, please ensure you give yourself enough time in-between,

to be on time, for the arrival and departure, of your traveling group. 

Embarkation: Saturday (May, June, July, August, September & October)

Embarkation Time: 14:00 (Please try and arrive 30 minutes prior) 

Disembarkation Time: 09:00 (On the following Saturday, while docking at Laurium) 

Note: It is also possible that the trip ends on Friday evening, as the vessel will have already arrived in Laurium’s Port, by then. 


Embarkation: Saturday (May, June, July, August, September & October) 


Embarkation Time: 14:00 (Please try and arrive 30 minutes prior) 


Disembarkation Time: 09:00 (On the following Saturday, while docking at Laurium)   


Note: It is also possible that the trip ends on Friday evening, as the vessel will have already arrived in Laurium’s Port, by then. 

Low period           : (May, October)

Shoulder period : (June, September) 

Peak period          : (July, August)

Day-1 / Athens

On day one, we board the vessel at around 14:00, and have a couple of drinks, just to start off.

We then, start getting to know each other better and of course, start off with the partying!


While we are staying for the first night at Laurium, we can choose between roaming around Laurium’s famous bar strip, or staying onboard!

It’s up to you!


Note: On the rare occasion of any issues that may result from late arrivals, there is a possibility that we do not depart from Athens on Saturday, but on Sunday instead.

Day-2 / Athens - Kea

After our first day, we will enjoy our lovely brunch as we depart, heading to Kea’s Island complex, of course, accompanied by great music and loads of excitement!


During our trip, we’ll make a stop at Makronisos, to enjoy our first swim-stop in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean.

The trip to Kea will include our first cove party, though a chance to explore Kea’s most beautiful village, Vourkari, as well!

Day-3 / Kea - Syros

We will leave Kea behind, as we sail to Siros, the capital of the Cyclades with the dynamic character and cosmopolitan grace of a queen!

Syros Island is famous for its capital Ermoupoly, its excellent restaurants and its delicious local/traditional sweets, Loukoumi (Turkish delight) and Halvadopita (a soft kind of nougat).


During our stay at Siros, and of course, after our scheduled daily swim-stop, it’s time to let the DJ do his thing!

Nothing better than an onboard summer afternoon-party in Greece!!

Dive into the sea if you feel you need to cool off, or grab a cocktail and just relax onboard, with the best party-company out there, as we are just getting started!

Day 4 / Siros - Mykonos

This is the day! We leave Siros and head to our trip’s main highlight, Mykonos!

The stunning aesthetic hits you in between the eyes, and the island’s aura is just exceptional. Mykonos is literally packed with high-end shops and stores, worldwide famous clubs and bars and it is the dream of every young person who loves to socialize, party and dance!!


The island of winds, as Mykonos is called, is particularly picturesque with stone-paved alleys, whitewashed houses, country chapels and windmills that ooze calmness and peace!

Before you reach the mainland, enjoy a swim-stop at Rhenia and get ready to experience a combination of, on and off-boat parties, that will make up for a day you will remember for sure!

Day 5 / Mykonos

On the fifth day, we will see all the great aspects of this beautiful Aegean Island, as we will roam around its Island complex while partying non-stop!


We will make a couple of private stops, where we will create some moments and after all the “celebrations” we anchor at some cove, where we will make it for the night!

Day 6 / Mykonos - Kythnos

For the sixth day, the plan is to leave Mykonos and travel to Kythnos.

On our way, we will stop at Kolona beach for a relaxing swim and some sunbathing.


The Island’s name derives from the ancient Greek word “Kefthemon”, meaning a dim place to hide, since Kythnos was chosen by many as a hiding place from intruders and pirates of nearby settlements, during old days!


Kythnos is also well known, for its great local Greek seafood!


Of course, during our stay at Kythnos, we will make it count, as we will be stopping at different coves, during the day, just to have even further fun!

Day 7 / Kythnos- Athens

After Kythnos, we slowly start to end our trip, as we sail back from where we initially departed from, Laurium!


We arrive at the port, early in the afternoon, though the fun does not stop there, as we have one remaining night to create our last moments!

Day 8 / Departure Day

As we have successfully cruised, to and around Mykonos, this is our departure day..

We say goodbye to each other, exchange info with the ones we got close to, take some last photos and head back!


Hopefully, though, we will see you again. Until then, we wish you all the best!

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