This Video is about how we take care of our yachts from CoronaVirus.

Stay healty, Stay Afloat, Take a 

boat for our summer holiday!

To our dear passengers and friends!

 The Covid-19 crisis affects us all and is devastating for travelers all around the world and tourism in general.

To save tourism, we have to work together!

Let's not cancel tours or cruises, but postpone to a later date!

For already booked cabin & yacht charters it is possible to change your dates, as long as the departure remains in 2021 and the charter area remains the same. If the rescheduled booking is more expensive the price difference will be charged. 

For more information, please email us

Medsail Holidays AB is a Swedish Yacht Charter Company in the Blue Cruise and Yacht Tourism Sector located in Stockholm-Sweden.


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