What are the ZANTE Cruises ?

ZANTE cruises are island hopping tours ideal for independent like-minded travelers. You will explore the most famous islands in the world, the Greek islands.


When they depart ?

They depart From Zante every Saturday at 6pm, from June  till end of September . For specific dates see our calendar.


What time does the cruise finish ?

The cruise finishes every Monday at 09:00 after breakfast.


I was thinking to joining "usual island hopping tours" with the public Ferries ?

Do you prefer exploring the Greek islands, traveling for hours with other thousands of people, getting queued to embark on the public boats, waking up at crazy hours to be on time, carrying your bags everywhere, changing from hotel to hotel, rather than travel with your private boat, having your own bed from day 1 to day 8 with no movements, exploring beaches and hidden gems of the Ionian sea and still have the same fun with your friends?


How are the cabins on the boat ?

Our cabins are double/twins, triples. All the cabins are en-suite with a/c. If you want to be in the same cabin with your friends just write that on the comments while booking. We can not guarantee that you will be together, but we will make everything possible to fulfil your will! Please keep in kind that we provide 1 set of fresh linen and towels for the week.


I am travelling SOLO, is there any single supplement?

There is no need for single supplement and that is the idea of our cruises. Independent people come alone, travel with like-minded people and at the end become friends. You will share the cabin with other fellow travelers of the same gender.


Are the Islands we visit expensive ?

In general, in the Greek islands you can find cheap food and drinks everywhere. You can eat from 1 “souvlaki” that costs only 2 euros and Greeks eat it as a meal or a proper meal at a restaurant that costs around 8 – 15 € p.p. Drinks cost from 5 – 10 € for cocktails.


Is the water included on board?

Water is NOT included on board. If you want extra, we offer a 1.5 lt (natural mineral water) bottle for just 1,5 €.


Is local transportation included?

When we are on the islands, any mean of local transportation, such as local buses, taxis, water taxis, are not included. However the cost is minimal and varies between 2 to 5 euros at a time. Average cost for a week will be 20 – 30 € p.p.


When I get to charge my phone or laptop?

You are able to charge phones, laptop etc when the boat is sailing or when it is docked at ports which provide electricity.


When do I get shower?

You are able to have a shower anytime of the day but keep in mind that when the boat is docked at a port and the engines are turned off the flow is reduced and there is not hot water.


What food included?

Your cruise includes Buffet breakfast daily and lunch meal daily and Captain’s Dinner on the last night . The breakfast consists of  bread, butter, jam, honey, yogurt, cereal, coffee, tea, orange juice, milk and cake.


Is there any vegetarian option?

We do respect the preference of vegetarian food only, however we do not cook special meals for individuals. You are more than welcome to bring your food on board.


Can I bring my own food and drinks onboard ?

As we use to say here, we are like a hotel in the water. So, yes feel free to bring any personal food or drinks you want on board. Our idea is to support your budget and travel cheaper. Please keep in mind that is not allowed to consume food and drinks inside our cabins and also there is no communal fridge that can be used for storage.


Do I need Travel Insurance?

Adventure traveling requires travel insurance and we strongly recommend purchasing one.


Do you actually sail?

The type of our boats is motor sailors. The difference is that these boats have motor, which gives them the advantage to reach more islands than just sailing. From time to time, if the wind is strong enough we use the sails also.


Do the boats have plugs?

All our fleet has European plugs inside.


What nationalities are onboard?

We have travelers from all over the world and we are more than happy to see the diversity on board. However, our main ones are from Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, Canada , America and Italy. SO, mainly English speaking.


How do I arrange my passport and visa details?

In order to get all the necessary updated information about the Visa and passport requirements please check your country information on the visa and passport section.


The crew onboard speaks English?

In order to support the local community and give back to our people, all our boats have multinational crew members and English speaking.


What is the maximum capacity of the boats?

Our boats can carry up to 25 passengers. Keep in mind that all our boats have fair space for the number of people they carry.


Can I be sure that I am on the same boat like my friends?

At the time of booking please specify who are your friends and even if we will try to make the necessary arrangements to put you on the same boat, we can not guarantee that.


Can I leave the sailing tour earlier tyhan planned?

Even if we believe that is impossible someone to want to “escape” from our sailing boat, you are free to leave and end the tour at any time we dock to a different island. If you need any travel support from there, email us at the time of booking and we will plan the best feasible solution for you.


What happens if I miss departure?

At the unlike event of losing your departure time, you have the option to catch us on the next island via the public ferries which especially in high season, they have many connections every day. In any case we provide you with an emergency phone number which you can use to support you. (emergency phone: +30 693 994 3066 Koulito)


Can I meet with my travelers pirior to the departure?

As personal privacy is of paramount importance to us, we cannot provide you in advance your fellow travelers’ details. However if you are interested to meet other people that travel on the same tour like you, go to our facebook forum and introduce yourself to other travelers.