1- How Can I make reservation?

Look at our booking plan, find the date you wish to come then write to info@medsailholidays.com we will take your option.


2- How Long you will hold the option for?

10 days.


3- How can I turn my option into confirm booking?

When you make the %50 of payment your option will turn into confirm booking.


5- After I make payment if I cannot come do I lose my money?

We cannot return money but, you will be credited to another date.


6- In which language you teach?

We can teach in Turkish, Russian and English.


7- Who will steer the boat?

Always student, every hour the helm person changes.


8- Who will clean, who will cook in the boat?

Student, we will help you, and show you how to clean & cook. Every team cooks and clean one day.


9- Do I have to read and study before?

We do not recommend, read as much as you can after the course.


10- Who will be responsible if I hit the boat while I am steering?

The instructor, if you damage our boat or another boat you do not have to pay, our insurance will cover it, but, if you lose your camera or hurt your finger your insurance must cover it.


11- Do I get a cabin?

If you make reservation for 2 you will get a cabin, otherwise you will get a single bed.


12- Do I have to bring linen?

No, we will supply the linen; you may bring your own towel.


13- Do I have to participate Yoga, hiking?

No, you participate only if you wish.


14- Is the price includes the food ?

No, for food and drinks we do shopping all together and share the cost, usually 100 € per person per week.


15- Do we have to pay extra for anything else?

Not to us, your price includes, Instructor, boat, linen, fuel, marina fees, insurance, books.


16- Do we sleep in the boat?

Yes, you will arrive Saturday 17:00 hrs. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night you will sleep in the boat. Saturday morning at 09:00 A.M you must leave the boat so that we can repair and clean the boat for our next students. But if you are there for 2 weeks Bareboat Captain Course than you will stay for another week.


17- How big are the boats?

Our 3 boats are 12.5 meter with 3 cabin, toilet and hot shower. Total capacity 22 pax

Mill design 12:45 / 3 dbl cabins and 4 single hammocks in the saloon. Beneteau 40.7 and Dufour 41


18- Can I sleep in the hotel?

There are some places like, Marmaris, Symi, Selimiye, Bodrum, Göcek when we are there you may sleep in the hotel, if you wish but, most people sleep in the boat at all times.


19- Do we eat in the boat all the time?

If you wish you may, however most people prefer to have breakfast in the boat, dinner in the restaurants. One night a week we prefer to anchor in the middle of the bay and cook in the boat.


20- Can we drink alcohol on the boat?

When the boat is not moving yes,


21- Can we swim nude?

Topless ok, bottomless no.


22- Can we smoke on the boat?

Yes, but only outside the boat.


23- Do I have to renew my ISS Bareboat License?

No,they are lifetime qualifications and therefore do not expire.


24- What do I have to do if I lose my license?

It is a good idea to scan your license and have a copy of it. If you lose your license just email the scan copy with your new passport size picture, we will renew it. The cost will be 20 €.


25- Do we sail in rainy weather?

We sail rain or shine, in light wind and heavy wind - in just about everything but a gale.

All the yachts we use have been selected for their suitability to sail offshore. We teach you how to make a yacht sail in light winds, and how to reef sail and maneuver a yacht in heavy winds. You just need to bring your own wet weather gear.


26- Can I come to a course alone?

Yes, you may.


27- If there is only one or two person registered do you still do the course?

If one person register and pay we still do the course.


28- Do you do Bareboat Captain Courses?

Yes, we are specialized to give a professional knowledge for recreational captains.


29- After Bareboat Captain license do I have to go to another course?

No, you don’t have to. If you are ready to take your friends and family out to the sea without putting their life in danger you don’t have to. But if you are not % 100 percent I recommend you take further courses.


30- Do I have to take a VHF course?

Yes, Bareboat Captain License are valid only with a VHF license.


31- Does my Bareboat Captain License has to be MCA approved? Is IYT Bareboat License are MCA approved.

Absolutely not. No, IYT bareboat licenses are not MCA approved.


32- How old/young do I have to be?

We will take students from 14 to 100.


33- Will you teach me on my own boat?

We will train to your skill level, your boat and your goals. Our instructors will teach you how to operate your boat to cater for what you want to learn and what we know you need to learn.


34- Can I customize a course to my needs?

We do not change the formats of our courses as they are part of the world’s best training scheme and we have criteria that must be met, but we can set up private lessons if required.


35- Do you teach the STCW95 qualification?

Yes we teach STCW95 courses.


36-Where will be the sailing route ?

Marmaris-Çiftlik- Bozukkale- Söğüt- Marmaris or Marmaris- Ekincik- Göcek bays- Kumlubükü- Marmaris