Night Dives

With us, Bodrum, renowned for its recreational and highly animated nightlife, is now also the best spot to go night diving. Night diving offers a totally different experience as most marine animals are nocturnal. Our night dive tours are enriched with various recreational organizations.

Night dives, limited to a depth of 12 meters, are available to PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water divers, and divers with TSSF (CMAS) one-star or higher scuba diver certificates.

We offer two night dive sites. The first option is to dive along the coastline where our dive center is located. The second option encompasses all dive sites around Karaada, so long as the weather and sea conditions permit safe travel by inflatable boats.

Prior to the night dive, divers are given a detailed night diving brief by the instructor. As night dives cannot be performed before at least two hours after eating, those who are planning to go night diving must arrange their meal times accordingly.

Night diving torches/flashlights and other safety equipment are provided by our dive center.