You may choose one of our guaranteed departure Cabin Charter itineraries from our brochure.

Prices are in EURO and are prepared as full board accommodation, per person in a double cabin.

If you would like to stay alone in a double cabin, you will need to pay an extra 60% as a single supplement


General Procedures for “Cabin Charters”

1. Check in and boarding starts from 15:30 on your first day and the first meal is dinner on board. Checkout will be on the last day after breakfast at 10:30 am.

2. As the first and the last days are transfer days, these nights will be spent in the marina.

3. During the “Blue Cruise” the engines will mostly be used. However the sails can be opened from time to time according to the weather conditions and wind direction. The sail on the yacht will be opened at least twice a week.

4. The captain may make changes to the cruise program according to the sea and weather conditions. This is for the safety and security of our guests. Sailing is not permitted by port authorities in case of winds if 6-7 Beaufort or more.

5. It is not allowed to bring drinks or alcoholic beverages on board from outside. A large selection of drinks can be purchased from the bar of the yacht at a reasonable price and bills will be paid at the end of the cruise.

6. Our cruises are sold directly as well as through our tour operators. Our clients consist of people who love the sea from all over the globe and we believe this creates the perfect opportunity to meet people from every type of culture. We cannot and do not control the age or nationality of guests on board. No children under the age of 12 are allowed on board for Cabin Charters. For those who have children, they may hire a private gullet as we have gulets that are ranged from 2 cabins and more.  If you would like to hire a Private Yacht then please see our Private Yacht Charter section.

7. Our cruises are carefully planned and every detail thoughtfully considered. We have had the experience of planning cruises for a number of years. Tours are printed in our brochures and therefore we cannot make changes to the itinerary according to customer’s special requirements.

8. Instructions of the boat will be given to our guests by the embarkation.

9.We cannot give any guarantee for twin or triple cabins on the programs numbered 1 to 4 with standard yachts.

10. All cabins have private WC / shower, portholes and a small wardrobe. The toilets can either be flushing type, marine type toilet with a pump or electrical.

11. In all of our boat there is sufficient safety equipment on board including life jackets & lines, dingy boats and a life raft. These all meet international safety requirements.

12. For the programs 1 to 4 with standard yachts we guarantee an inverter or generator to charge your electrical gadgets in the communal areas. Though for the programs 5 to 10 you may have 220 V in your cabins too.  

13. All yachts store basic fishing lines, flippers and snorkels for the use of our guests.

14. In our Cabin Charter prices, Port Charges for all ports and fuel surcharges are included in the price unlike other firms.



Medsail Holidays AB has wooden traditional gullets in 4 different classes:

*Standard (no A/C),

*Standard Plus (with A/C),


*Ultra Luxury


If you would like to rent a private yacht we will need to discuss the different options available to you depending on the size of your group.

We will then find the best available gullet to suit your needs.

When you have decided on the gullet that you would like to hire, we will contact each other about the details such as itinerary, menu options and airport transfers.

We will send you a Charter Contract after finalizing the details.



In our boats bringing pets are not permitted on board for several reasons.  Crew is required to maintain rigid cleanliness standards for all their guests and there is a potential of allergens from animals remaining on board.


Smoking is not permitted to any of our passengers or members of the crew in any indoor part of the boat.


A crew gratuity is both customary and discretionary. 5% of the base charter fee is usually the norm depending totally on your discretion. It is usually given to the captain at the end of the charter and divided equally among the crew members. You do not have to give a tip, it depends on you.


Participants must be in possession of a valid passport (expiring not earlier than one month after the cruise ends) and should obtain visas and health certificates where required. All requirements should be confirmed with appropriate government consulate or information office prior to departure. It is passenger’s responsibility to obtain any visas, passports, health certificates or other travel documentation required.


Please travel as lightly as possible so as not to restrict any space in your cabin. Soft bags are more practical than hard suitcases. Sports or casual clothes are more useful. Plenty of swimwear is required and a pullover or cardigan is recommended for cool evenings. Comfortable walking shoes are suggested when ashore.


Due to safety reasons it is requested that physical disabilities of any kind be advised at time of reservation. It is understood that passengers require special attention or treatment will be travelling with their escorts. The company retains the right to refuse to embark any pregnant woman beyond the 6th month of pregnancy.


Every attempt to meet special dietary requirements will be made provided that such a request is put in writing at least 2 weeks prior to sailing.


Our boats are not suitable for passengers with special needs. Embarkation gang ways do not fit all types of wheel chairs. Cabin bathrooms and stair cases are unsuitable for disabled passengers.


Land tours are not included in the cruise fares and available according to the cruise schedule. Details are available on the written itineraries. Land tours are subject to shore and weather conditions and based on a minimum participation.