Sport of windsurfing has been popular around seas, lakes and even indoor pools for many years. As it has been seen at other sports, improvements on technology also created varieties of windsurfing equipment that have made windsurfing a lot easier to learn. As time goes by, windsurfing sport grew significantly and created disciplines in itself such as Olympic, slalom, freestyle and wave disciplines that resulted to many word champion windsurfers.


Starting from 1970s, we started to see people windsurfing in our country, where three side is surrounded by sea. Around those years, one of the athletes that had been windsurfing is Mr. Kerim Engin Kalafatoglu. Since those years, he has been working significantly on the sport of windsurfing to be pervade and promoted around the country to this date. APer many years, especially around Aegean region, there has been many windsurfing clubs and school that had been opened in our country.


Alacati, which is a town of Cesme also started to become a hometown for windsurfing and helped to promote the sport. Because of its steady wind, great learning areas and beautiful nature, it has been very attractive location for windsurfers. It is also second best location in the world for windsurfing. It is home ground for both World and National championship events every year. Starting from 1970s, Mr. Kerim Engin Kalafatoglu invested to the bay of Alacati and at 1993 built the first windsurfing school called “Alacati Windsurfing School” which made him become a pioneer on this movement. Afterwards, he also supported the opening of Alacati Windsurf Club which trained many licensed athletes.


Since 2000, Mr. Engin Kalafatoglu held a position under Turkish Sailing Federation as president of Windsurf Class, which he helped lots of youth athletes to become professional and also sent many athletes to Olympics and World Championships. At 2005, under the institution of Kalafatoglu A.S. he started the construction of “Alacati Beach resort” which was a great add for the town of Alacati. Since that, under the institution of Alaca. Windsurfing School and Alacati Beach Resort, he has and continues to raise athletes.