CORONAVIRUS:Reinforced Health measures & our latest safety protocols.

First of all, our entire team would again like to extend solidarity and support to you as we try to weather this unprecedented crisis as best we can. As always, take care of yourself and your family!

Planning a safe gulet charter in corona virus conditions, health and quality is becoming more important than price to most our guests. So what are the benefits of a gulet charter with Medsail Holidays:


1. Social distancing:

You can choose where you want to go, discover new places, while escaping the crowds and enjoying the exclusivity that comes with gulet charter. 


2. Qualified staff and low risk :

Gulets only have a handful of crew members on board, so it's much easier to keep track of potential exposure to the corona virus. We are collecting crew health history to protect our guests. Crew members also live on board, limiting their contact with members of the public. 


3. A clean and sterilized environment:

Gulets will be sanitized after guests leave, and sanitization on board gulets is also much easier when compared to the hotels. Plus, our gulet crews spend hours cleaning every day to ensure a clean and sterile on-board space for our guests. From the guest areas to the crew areas, everywhere on board is cleaned to the highest and most hygienic standard. 


4. Freedom:

There's really no need to come on shore at all, with the exception of refuelling, waste disposal or inclement weather. You can spend your whole vacation on deck if you want to, enjoying five-star dining, playing with water toys and making the most out of all the yacht's facilities. 



Crew must be able to prove they haven’t been to affected areas within 21 days of commencement of the charter


Taking crews’ temperatures daily as “an additional preventive measure.”


The safety of our guests and crew is always our top priority. We will all make it through this difficult time together as a family, and we look forward to welcoming you.