Certified Divers

Our tour begins at 10:00 a.m., with a 20-25 min. trip to Karaada (Black Island) right across the Bodrum harbor.

During this trip, scuba divers receive general information on the dive site, wrecks (for advanced or equivalent levels of certification), and the marine animals and plants to be seen.

Upon arrival at destination, divers are grouped according to their certification levels. A brief on the sea floor is given using the dive site map. Following the brief, groups take turns in diving under the supervision and leadership of the scuba instructor.

The exciting underwater journey starts with the signal of the instructor. Under the water, schools of colorful Aegean and Mediterranean fish greet divers with swaying tails and curious looks… Sea breams, combers, groupers and barracudas are some of the types of fish you are most likely to meet. Mediterranean morays hidden in coves, octopUS camouflaged on rocks, seahorses rocking softly over sea anemones, sponges, and a wide variety of marine crustaceans all await their turn to be discovered...

This richness of the underwater life and the beauty of the marine animals will surely enchant all divers...

The diving session ends with a debrief on board, given by the instructor, followed by lunch.

After lunch, the boat moves to the second dive site. Divers begin to prepare for their second dive of the day after the required surface interval.

Divers can view photographs and videos of their dives on computers and purchase CD recordings.