Flotilla in Turkey

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Medsail Holidays has teamed up with its Turkish Flotilla Sailing partner who have over 25 years experience of sailing holidays in the Mediterranean, to offer bareboat and flotilla sailing in two of the best cruising areas in Turkey.

Flotilla from Gocek

One of the big differences to most of the other flotilla companies is that there is no strict program. As a change to all those strictly scheduled, never varying itineraries our slogan is : “Let be flexible !” Another ... is the international character of our group.

For a start we plan our program according the inquiries we get in a certain period. If we have more one-week bookings the route will be going more or less around the Gulf of Fethiye. But do we get more two-week bookings, we will plan instead a longer route which “one-weekers” can join at any stage during its duration (we can organize your transfer.)

You have the option to join the flotilla programme of another company if we do not have enough inquiries for a particular week of the season to fill our own The itineraries may as well go in western as in eastern direction, sometimes even to some of the nearby Greek islands like Rhodes or Symi ... but will always be discussed with the group.

Advantages of Flotilla Sailing

A flotilla consists of a group of yachts (around five and maximum ten boats) which all follow the same itinerary. During the day you sail independently but you can always refer back to the lead boat.

We all depart from the same harbor or bay and meet again all together in the evening.

Every morning a briefing takes place in which the cruising plan of the day is discussed, a weather report is given (when necessary!) and where you get useful tips about that day’s cruising. This is where we are “at home”! Once on your way you can contact the lead boat by VHF, an easy-to-handle sender/receiver radio transmitter. The flotilla leader also gives technical help if necessary.

Even experienced sailors often choose to go with a flotilla because of the social advantage of sailing in a group.

What experience do I need?

To join a flotilla at least one person on board must have enough sailing experience to be able to safely navigate a yacht of this size. If you can easily sail an open sailing boat on a lake, this should be sufficient experience for sailing in the Gocek area.


If you feel doubtful about your sailing ability you might take a course in your own country before leaving to refresh your knowledge.Also we can sail with you for half a day or a day to introduce you to the yacht. In this case, let us know beforehand!

Flotilla Program

There is a great choice of itineraries along this beautiful coast, still one of the last unspoiled shores of the Mediterranean. Every single day we will ask our guests what they might prefer (a quiet bay or a harbor place, long or short distance...) and just let see where the wind blows us! On request and in mutual agreement with the group we can also offer night (evening) sailing, a great experience on a full moon night!

Daily distances generally vary between 10 and 40 nautical miles, which makes a daily average of four and half hours of sailing a day.