The most important meal of the day ; BREAKFAST


The standard Greek breakfast includes bread, butter, jam, honey, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, sausage, yogurt, eggs, fresh warm bread and tea. Occasionally, borek, pide, soups can be a part of breakfast. A traditionally coffee and brewed black tea is an indispensable part of breakfast. 


Something very special : BOREK  

Delicious savory pasties, made with thin dough (yufka), layered, rolled or folded around the ingredients. Preferred fillings are cheese, minced meat, spinach and potatoes. Borek can be baked, cooked on a griddle or fried. Great as snack, a side for soups and salads or as a small meal on their own. 

We serve a traditional Greek breakfast which consists of jams, honey, butter and fresh bread, a selection of cheeses, green olives, black olives, eggs, tomato and cucumber. This is served with tea, coffee, juice or milk. The chefs on board may prepare a surprise for our guests every morning such as scrambled egg with traditional spicy sausage or salami or a selection of traditional pastries.