The Caribbean Islands

The Windward and Leeward islands form the eastern border of the Caribbean Sea. Stretching from Grenada to Martinique, the Windwards got their name because British ships sailing from other colonies frequently had to beat the weather to reach them. The northern islands of the archipelago are more to leeward, so the British called them the Leeward Islands. They begin in Dominica, just above Martinique, and arc gently northwest for a bit under 150 miles to include Guadeloupe, Antigua, Nevis, St. Kitts, St. Barts, Anguilla, and many others. They end near St. Martin 150 miles east of Puerto Rico. These waters are an ideal location for staging a St. Martin sailing vacation to a variety of destinations throughout the Leeward chain.

St. Martin rivals the British Virgin Islands as the most popular yacht charter destination in the Caribbean with good reason. The sailing conditions make this a destination for reasonably experienced sailors and there is with a good mix of island hopping and exciting blue water cruising that should keep everyone happy.

This charmingly peaceful dual Island Nation is divided in the middle, the north is French and the south is Dutch. It offers one of the largest Caribbean hubs in terms of air service. Enjoy amazing beaches including some secluded secrets, duty-free shopping, award winning restaurants, exciting scuba dive sites, rainforests, hiking opportunities, horseback riding etc.

A St. Martin boat charter allows you the freedom to explore some of the most beautiful islands in the Eastern Caribbean and enjoy spectacular diving and snorkelling along the way.

With excellent food, chilled-out bars and restaurants (as well as more upmarket options, should you feel that way inclined), live music and the opportunity to explore fascinating colonial history, a St. Martin yacht charter is bound to give you a taste for the myriad charms of this delightful part of the world.

Our base is at the Marina Port De Plaisance which is Set in lush, tropical gardens with views of the blue-green waters and majestic mountains, this luxurious marina offers excellent services, five restaurants, a 12,000 sq. ft. casino, and a state-of-the-art spa & health club. The property also houses two pools, seven tennis courts lighted for night play, and a guest service desk.

The Caribbean: 14 days itinerary
Departure: St. Martin    
Total distance: 259 nautical miles approximately    
1st day: Embarkation 9th day: Gustavia - Anse de Colombier - Ile de Fourche (6 nm)
2nd day: Simpson Bay - Little Bay - Great Bay (4 nm) 10th day: Ile de Fourche - Pinel Island (St. Martin) (11 nm)
3rd day: Great Bay - Wells Bay (Saba) (25 nm) 11th day: Pinel Island - Road Bay (Anguilla) (20 nm)
4th day: Wells Bay - Basseterre (St. Kitts) (38 nm) 12th day: Road Bay - Prickley Pear Cays + Sandy Island - Crocus Bay (Anguilla) (13 nm)
5th day: Basseterre - White House Bay (4 nm) 13th day: Crocus Bay - Marigot (St. Martin) (13 nm)
6th day: White House Bay - Charlestown (Nevis) (11 nm) 14th day: Marigot - Simpson Bay (11 nm)
7th day: Charlestown (Nevis) - Little Bay (Monserrat) (35 nm) 15th day: Disembarkation
8th day: Little Bay - Gustavia (St. Barths) (81 nm)
Weather & Wind

The trade winds typically blow from the northeast to east November through March and east to southeast April through October, ranging from 10 to 25 knots.

They are the power behind the north equatorial current, which usually isn’t a factor except where it intensifies around the ends of some islands.

Tidal currents are weak due to the slight tidal range of about 1.5 feet.

The Leeward Islands have one of the most pleasant climates in the entire Caribbean, with average year-round temperatures holding at about 26°C.