Camp Houses

We have 40 pax bed capacity dublex Camp houses ( 7 rooms with 3 beds, 4 rooms with 4 beds capacity ) all with private bathroom, wardrobe and towels. Students are stepping into their rooms that are named with windsurfing themes for their windsurfing and kite board training. During the camp period, students are going to stay in rooms that are equipped with WiFi, satellite, air conditioning, led TV, shower and bathroom.

Houses Situated by the beach

All these room are prepared by Alacati Beach Resort which will ensure the quality and customer satisfaction of our clients. Students can use the 120 square meter wood decked area in front of their room to relax, watch DVD or for other recreational use. Also, students can enjoy the large grass are in front of their room for any kind of recreational use. Our camp can serve up to 40 people at once with 3 or 4 person rooms.


Camp Houses are Situated by the Beach as well as our Windsurf School in Alacati Turkey’s Aegean shores are among the most fascinating and beautiful stretches in the country. The magnificent coastline,

lapped by the clear water of the Aegean Sea, with landscapes of cultivated fields of aniseed, sesame and artichokes dotted with fig and gum trees, will guide you to discover one of the world’s greatest windsurfing destinations in Alaçati bay on the Cesme peninsula with its 1.8 km width, over 5 km depth, crystal clear waters, azure blue skies, consistent and steady winds, topography and location.


Alacati is an ideal windsurfing spot in Europe. Both, the very shape of the bay and the thermal water pressures, create steady and consistent winds blowing side-shore from North to South (Poyraz) in

summer and from South to North (Lodos) in winter months.First time windsurfers love the place as the waist-deep and sand covered shallow water area extends for 500 meters from shore into the bay creating perfect conditions for beginners of all ages. Easy recovery from falls adds a new dimension to both teaching and learning to windsurf.