Corfu Flotilla Route

The new Corfu Flotilla combines great accessibility with a beautiful sailing area to make for a truly memorable holiday. Lazy fishing villages, reliable winds, breathtaking bays and fantastic local food all await you on this exciting flotilla.


The perfect mix of quaint, unassuming villages, atmospheric towns, reliable winds and breathtaking scenery makes the Corfu flotilla a 'must' for all sailors.


Explore the beautiful Northern Ionian on our Corfu flotilla. Starting and finishing in Gouvia marina, the flotilla takes a gentle and meandering route along mainland Greece visiting unspoilt villages, lively towns and world famous bays. Take in the towns of Parga, Gaios and Lakka - so much Ionian charm in just one week of sailing. On your final day of sailing, a lunch stop at Corfu’s spectacular Old Citadel is a perfect way to end the holiday.


With a good mix of shorter and longer passages, steady winds and the lead crew at your beck and call, the Corfu flotilla is suitable for a wide range of sailors.


We embrace a relaxed flotilla atmosphere where you are free to plot your own course and arrival at each day's destination if you would like to. More experienced skippers enjoy this freedom whilst taking advantage of the social aspect of the flotilla.


Less experienced skippers will appreciate the invaluable assitance of the lead crew, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your holiday.

Corfu flotilla sailing holidays

  • 1 week flotilla
  • Takes in the popular yet understated charms of the Northern Ionian
  • Perfect for couples, groups and families alike
  • A mix of shorter and longer passages
  • Includes return airport transfers, end cleaning, bed linen & shower towels
  • Minimal mooring fees (approx €10-€20/week)
  • Runs May to September. Operates Saturday-Saturday
  • Option to add flights
  • Supermarket within the marina


Level 1

Winds force 2-3 (4-11 Knots)combined with generally shorter distances. Good for beginner or intermediate sailors. Line-of-sight navigation but basic knowledge of charts and ability to plot your position required.

Level 2

Winds force 3-5 (7-21 Knots) with approximately 15-20nm per day. Intermediate experience required. Predominately line of sight navigation but an understanding of how to sail in open water.

Level 3

Winds force 4-6 (11-27 Knots) with mileage of approximately 20nm+ per day. Ideal for experienced skippers looking to venture out to new destinations. Day skipper standard but with experienced crew would be recommended.

2 Cabins

2021 Euro PER YACHT FLOTILLA BAVARIA 32 (2004) BAVARIA 33 (2006)
  2 cabins / 1 WC max 4 people 2 cabins / 1 WC max 4 people
24 Apr, 01, 08, 15 May 1.820.-Euro 2.000.-Euro
22, 29 May, 05, 12, 19 Jun 2.490.-Euro 2.650.-Euro
26 Jun, 03, 10, 17 Jul 2.750.-Euro 2.900.-Euro
24, 31 Jul, 07, 14, 21 Aug 3.100.-Euro 3.240.-Euro
28 Aug, 04, 11 Sep 2.750.-Euro 2.900.-Euro
18, 25 Sep 2.590.-Euro 2.650.-Euro
02, 09, 16 Oct 1.820.-Euro 2.000.-Euro

3 Cabins

2021 Euro PER YACHT FLOTILLA SUN ODYSSEY 349 (2016-17) OCEANIS 361 (2003) BAVARIA CR 37 (2016)
   3 cabins / 1 WC max 6 people 3 cabins / 1 WC max 6 people 3 cabins / 1 WC max 6 people
24 Apr, 01, 08, 15 May 2.500.-Euro 2.200.-Euro 2.690.-Euro
22, 29 May, 05, 12, 19 Jun 3.230.-Euro 3010.-Euro 3.550.-Euro
26 Jun, 03, 10, 17 Jul 3.550.-Euro 3.230.-Euro 3.990.-Euro
24, 31 Jul, 07, 14, 21 Aug 3.970.-Euro 3.680.-Euro 4.460.-Euro
28 Aug, 04, 11 Sep 3.550.-Euro 3.230.-Euro 3.990.-Euro
18, 25 Sep 2.850.-Euro 3010.-Euro 3.550.-Euro
02, 09, 16 Oct 2.850 .-Euro 2.200.-Euro  2.690.-Euro 

Larger 3 Cabins

2021 Euro PER YACHT FLOTILLA BAVARIA 39 (2007)  OCEANIS 40 (2008) SUN ODYSSEY 419 (2017) OCEANIS 43 (2010)
  3 cabins / 2 WC max 8 people  3 cabins / 2 WC max 8 people 3 cabins / 2 WC max 8 people 3 cabins / 2 WC max 8 people
24 Apr, 01, 08, 15 May 2.490.-Euro 2.690.-Euro 3.320.-Euro 2.840.-Euro
22, 29 May, 05, 12, 19 Jun 3.480.-Euro 3.640.-Euro 4.520.-Euro 4.180.-Euro
26 Jun, 03, 10, 17 Jul 3.790.-Euro 4.100.-Euro 5.100.-Euro 4.630.-Euro
24, 31 Jul, 07, 14, 21 Aug 4.500.-Euro 4.600.-Euro 5.620.-Euro 5.100.-Euro
28 Aug, 04, 11 Sep 3.790.-Euro 4.100.-Euro 5.100.-Euro 4.630.-Euro
18, 25 Sep 3.480.-Euro 3.640.-Euro 4.520.-Euro 4.180.-Euro
02, 09, 16 Oct 2.490 .-Euro 2.690 .-Euro 3.320 .-Euro 3.840.-Euro

4 Cabins

2021 Euro PER YACHT FLOTILLA OCEANIS 43 (2011) HANSE 458 (2020)
   4 cabins / 2 WC max 8 people 4 cabins / 2 WC max 8 people
24 Apr, 01, 08, 15 May 3.100.-Euro 4.340.-Euro
22, 29 May, 05, 12, 19 Jun 4.420.-Euro 5.630.-Euro
26 Jun, 03, 10, 17 Jul 4.930.-Euro 6.280.-Euro
24, 31 Jul, 07, 14, 21 Aug 5.330.-Euro 6.990.-Euro
28 Aug, 04, 11 Sep 4.930.-Euro 6.280.-Euro
18, 25 Sep 4.420.-Euro 5.630.-Euro
02, 09, 16 Oct 3.100 .-Euro 4.340.-Euro 



Airport transfers to/from Corfu airport (one transfer per yacht), end cleaning, bedding & towels, services of flotilla staff.

FREE outboard on yachts 39'+. Autopilots on yachts 36'+


Extras payable with balance:


Yachts up to 41': £1900 refundable deposit, Yachts 42' and over: £2800 refundable deposit


Fuel used (fill up on return)


Outboard £120 for 1 week, £180 for 2 weeks; child rail net £130/ week; cruising chute £130 for 1 week, £200 for 2 weeks

Meet the Corfu flotilla lead crew

Monica, Mihai, Joe, Pipp, Mihai, Jack & Georgi

The full Ionian flotilla team! Mihai & Monica (far left) have been in charge of the Southern flotilla for several years now and for the 2019 season they are moving up to Corfu to be base managers for the new flotilla. Next in line is Joe who is on hand to help out wherever he is needed! Pipp and the second Mihai (just to confuse you!) are taking over the Southern flotilla whilst Jack is the engineer and Georgi the hostess for the Corfu flotilla. Davide (not pictured) is skipper for the Corfu flotilla.


All of the flotilla team are friendly, fun and professional and are looking forward to welcoming you onboard during the 2019 season.


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Day 1 (Saturday) : Corfu

You join your flotilla at Gouvia marina, just a 15 minute drive from Corfu airport. This modern marina is a great starting point for your holiday and after settling in on your yacht there’s time for a stroll around the shops and a relaxing dinner.

Day 2 (Sunday) : Plataria (23nm)

Enjoy a relaxed first day's sail south to the mainland village of Plataria. This quiet village remains widely unknown to tourists and is a perfect spot to enjoy dinner in a waterfront taverna whilst getting to know your fellow flotilla crews.

Day 3 (Monday) : Parga (20nm)

The beautiful town of Parga offers great beaches and clear blue waters set within a picturesque bay. Colourful houses line the hillside and the ruined walls of the Venetian castle can be seen sitting high above the town.

Day 4 (Tuesday) : Gaios, Paxos (13nm)

Today's sail takes us past the world famous emerald bay of Antipaxos and on to the sophisticated main town of Paxos, Gaios. Gaios' narrow lanes are filled with shops and tavernas which make for a fabulous evening.

Day 5 (Wednesday) : Lakka, Paxos (11nm)

Lakka is a true Ionian gem, a beautiful little village which often becomes our clients' favourite spot.

Day 6 (Thursday) : Sivota, Mourtos (12nm)

Sailing back across to the mainland we visit the revamped little town of Sivota in the magnificent bay of Mourtos. Soak up the atmosphere whilst watching the beautiful Greek sunset.

Day 7 (Friday) : Corfu (19nm)

Before returning to Gouvia Marina, a lunch stop at Corfu's spectacular old Citadel is the perfect way to end the holiday.

Day 8 (Saturday) : Corfu

Disembark at Gouvia Marina and take your included transfer back to the airport.

Routes and places may vary during the season due to weather conditions & other factors.