You are developing friendships that can last a lifetime, exploring erotic fantasy and visiting the beautiful unspoiled Greek Islands that many others only dream of!

Couples Only, Full Ship Charter

This cruise is good fit for: Newbies, Open Minded Adventurous Couples, Swingers

Average age 45-65


The sexiest voyage at Mediterranean sea. Sail with like minded couples, drink cocktails & explore the Greek coast with other like minded people.


Join forces with 3 sailing traditional wooden yachts and begin an adventure you will never forget. A swinger experience in a totally different way.

Cruise Info

Imagine traveling in the company of some very special people, couples just like you who have chosen to really live life to the fullest. It’s clear you are doing more than checking things off your bucket list. 

Yacht Rules

Our swinger cruises are not barbaric or perverse quests in Greece. While on a swinger cruise vacation there will be plenty of opportunities both for having sex and being a normal tourist.

We are Sold Out with our Gulets for the season 2019, please try our available weeks with our 55 feet sailing yacht by clicking on to the below picture. 

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