Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you want to know something about the other couples on board. We have found a good solution to prevent a big difference in ages. The age of the couple that makes the first reservation for a certain week is from that point on the average age of the other couples that make a reservation for that period. We do not provide a photo of the other guests, but will give you information about the age and nationality.


What to take with you and also useful information about the cruise.

Good mood and tolerance!

And of course: summer clothing, windbreaker, and for the evenings a pullover is often enough, 2 towels per person, and something sexy?!

Everything in a sports case. It is a yacht, so space is limited. 


How can we book?

It is important that we have a good impression of you.

That is why you have to send us a good photo of you both, a nice description an a copy of your passport. Also tell us if you have any handicap.

A telephone chat with the female part of the couple is also required. We do ask if you are swingers. This prevents fakers.

Only in this way can we select the best matching couples per trip. An when we notice you cheat us….

We have the right to refuse you on board without restitution. This in the benefit of the honest couples and safety.

We will send you all details on a neutral form by  Email. 



What’s that? Calm waters around and below us.


Is sailing experience necessary? 

No, but we can teach you if you like.


What if we are not experienced Swingers?

We can discuss that via telephone. As we have a week together there is time enough to get familiar with swinging. Nudity is common on board, so you must not be afraid to be undressed.


Health care:

Always available and “safe” sex only!


Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?

We’ll certainly do our best, so if you have any special dietary requirements, please advise us at the time of booking, then check Gina on your first night on board.



Smoking is only permitted  outdoors on swimming platform. Smoking is not permitted in any dining venue, cabin or corridor.


Last, but not least: Good appearance and behavior are a must. NO ILLEGAL DRUGS ALLOWED.