Gocek - Ekincik - Gocek

SAT : After embarking to the vessel at 15:00 from Göcek Harbour, the service starts on board with a welcome coctail. Cruise to Tersane island. Anchoring in Tersane island for swimming. This naturally protected harbor was used as the shipyard in Byzantine and Ottoman times. After coffe & tea time and swim depart for Güngörmez Bay, where is one of the most silent and peaceful bays. Anchor & overnight in Güngörmez Bay.

SUN : The cruise will move via Sarıgerme towards Ekincik Gulf. You may join our optional Dalyan Tour from here. You will be taken from your yacht by a small boat called “piyade”. You will arrive at Caretta-Caretta (turtle) Beach and take a swimming break here. You will enjoy the natural beauty of the delta as you cruise along the river. You will see the ancient Rock Tombs and finally arrive at mud baths to relax and be rejuvenated. A fishing village called Dalyan will be our final destination after we return to our yacht by piyade boat. Dinner and an overnight stay will be in the Gulf of Ekincik.

MON : After breakfast, cruise to Kadırga . Following lunch and swimming time cruise to Kumlubük bay. Dinner and overnight in Amos Bay . The ancient ruins of Amos, located within Kumlubuk bay, attract charter yacht visitors with its beautiful landscape and archaeological remains. The ruins run on top of a bluff above the beach and include 4th century BCE walls, inscribed blocks, an altar to Dionysus, a shattered acropolis, temple and amphitheater. The hike is somewhat strenuous but those who attempt it will be rewarded by a stunning, panoramic view of the bay.

TUE : Early departure for Ağalimanı. Breakfast will serve upon arrival to Ağalimanı Bay. Time for relaxing and swim. After lunch cruise to next stop will be Göbün Bay. Dinner and overnight in one of the peaceful nearby bay.

WED : After breakfast cruise to Hamam/ Manastır Bay is a very popular charter yacht destination. It is an exquisite setting of fresh, pine-fragrant air, and clear water covering Greek monastery ruins that are half submerged. An hour’s hike from the ruins is ancient Lydae. Rarely visited, Lydae features mausolea, agora foundations, statue remnants, Corinthian column sections and inscribed pedestals from the Roman and Byzantine eras.Dinner & overnight in Sarsala Bay.

THUR : After breakfast cruise through uniquely beautiful islands ; Domuz island , Yassıca islands and so far , finally anchor at Bedri Rahmi / Tomb bay is a very popular yacht charter destination. Tomb Bay is the site of ancient Cyra, a Carian and Lycian city state. The Carians are thought to have been natives of Asia Minor while the Lycians were driven from Crete by Minos of Knossos. The ruins date from the 5th century BCE. There are many tombs, the remains of a Roman-Byzantine bath once fed by a nearby spring, and a Cryan acropolis. This Bay named after a well known Turkish artist and a Blue Cruiser ,his name was Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu he drew fish pictures on the rocks which you can still see them today.

FRI : After 1 to 1:30 mins.sailing we will arrive to Yassıcalar Group Islands here is a place where you can see the miracles of nature.Passenger will have lunch and swimming break here.Later,we will visit Also in this bay you can visit ancient Tomb Ruins and possibility to stop at small bays around.Passenger will have dinner and spend the night at Bedri Rahmi Bay.

SAT : Early departure for Göcek Port , breakfast on board and time to transfer for Dalaman Airport. Disembarking time is 10.00am.